‘He asks me to send him bundles and buy him credit ‘ Kenyans on people they are cutting off in 2019 (Audio)

It’s 2019 and Kenyans are making new resolutions and women are more  determined to cut off toxic men from their lives and here is why.

During the morning show on Classic 105, a woman confessed that the man she was with does practically NOTHING for her.

“This guy never wants to go out on anything, never buys anything yet he comes to my place and expects me to feed him.

Yet when I go to his place he never buys anything nor even cooking a meal. I remember there is a place I went to visit and we just sat there.

When I have problems he gives excuses yet when he has problems he expects me to help. I can’t even think of a single day he ever spent a dimme on me.”

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She adds

“He will be the first person to invite me to his place. I have been thinking and I have concluded that I am the one who has been entertaining his nonsense.”

The debate opened a pandora’s box and below are some of the confessions from women and men on the kind of people they are cutting off in 2019.

“I am cutting off women who live of for Fridays, they party from Friday through to Sunday. Those who don’t put anything but are dramatic, those who don’t want to spoil their nails and make up doing chores, I am cutting them off.”

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Another adds

“I met a 35 year old man last year and he keeps asking me for airtime. He even asks me for bundles. I gave him some cash of which he promised to refund after two days up to now he hasn’t.

Lemmie remain single and take care of my money.”


Listen to more of the discussion in the audio below;


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