‘People say that I sacrificed my children’ Isaac Mwaura sadly narrates

Politician Isaac Mwaura recently opened up on the effect the death of two of their children had on him and his wife Mukami Mwaura in 2017.

Mwaura and his wife were blessed with triplets early last year, but lost two of the babies (a boy and a girl). The surviving son will turn two soon.

“I am a happy dad of one surviving child from my triplets. I love the way we play around with him because he reminds me that if his brother and sister would be alive today, they would have also been like him because they looked alike,” he said.

Life became a nightmare for the couple but through prayers and support from friends, they got back on their feet.

 How does he juggle between family and politics? “It is a challenge to be a family man and a politician because I have to travel a lot and leave my family for some time. I have a very understanding wife,”

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Isaac Mwaura and Mukami

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura’s wife speaks out on losing a child: ‘This emptiness is how we feel all the time’

Mwaura also talked of his experience with social media bullying.

“People attack me on the basis of albinism and tell me nitauzwa [I will be sold in] Tanzania. [They] even say that I sacrificed my children. In the beginning, you feel the trolls but over time you realise it is common and decide to just laugh because that is when you are making an impact.

I even thought of blocking the trolls but realized that is a way of attracting traffic on their timelines, through posting controversial sentiments on my timelines.”



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