People live in loveless marriages just like that? Walk away – Maina Kageni

On the Friday November 26 morning conversation, the topic was about wives who go off their husbands for no reason.

Maina and Kingangi were puzzled after a woman had a long conversation with Maina telling him she had gone off her husband and its not a phase, that he disgusts her, and he has not done anything. ‘It been going on for two years and she can’t stand him, hajakosewa’ Maina told about the woman’s challenge.

Mwalimu Kingangi couldn’t understand how a wife no longer feels anything for her husband. ‘Where am I, what am I supposed to do coz sijakosea’. Maina laughed it off and opened the discussion to the audience asking

Ladies, do you relate with her? When you go off your spouse, what happens?

#MainaAndKingangi @Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni that is so me I was like that I felt nothing n all I wished was to quit n I did and am now single and happy

Ikifika hapo just say goodbye and leave.. no need of staying up where your feelings is not there. Else karibuni sana Kericho Maina. @ItsMainaKageni

Good morning Maina, There are two contradicting phrases that totally confuse ladies :
1) Fight For What it’s yours
2) DO not Force Issues.

Kama umeshindwa kaa na mama yako how many men are you going to leave for unknown reasons?

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