‘People just want ride on my name because I am famous ‘ Brags Akothee

Akothee has come out to state that she is not anyone’s role model adding that those who follow her should do own at their own peril.

Her advice came after she received harsh criticism over her dress choice and the way she lives her life on social media.

The mother of five is never shy to flaunt her body for those who care to see and she is not apologetic over it.

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Taking to social media Akothee wondered why no one considered her their role model when she was broke.

“When I was broke I was nobody’s role model, now that I am rich and famous , you want to ride on my money and fame, and hang your gorrila on my monkey 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 shame on you , with stupid verses ,ROLE MODEL MY ARSE

Take responsibility for your own children take their phone and unfollow me I am ratchet , period.


What happened to your church pastors , aunties sisters and grandmothers , No one is paying me for ROLE MOCHIETH position ..

No one pays me for manners #calpolis , opening my legs is paying my bills ,I fucked up my own life and built it my own way , you cant tell me shiiiiiiit🤣😂 .

Follow me at your own risk, absorb what you want , what you don’t want , stop making yourself a fool out of someone’s life!”

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Akothee goes on to add

” I believe most  idiots here can’t even keep register for whom they slept with in a week, be a role model to your own self in private ,before you point fingers to others.

I will open those legs wider, as long as it makes sense to me .”


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