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“People I called girl squad deserted me” Jacque Maribe on losing friends


Jacque Maribe went through a terrible friendship breakup with people she always thought had her back during the murder trial of business woman Monica Kiragu together with murder suspect Jowie Irungu.

She spoke about her estranged besties to Carol Mandi on Youtbe where she made it clear she was hurt by it all despite thinking the friendship would last forever.

While she was held in Langata Womens prison for 18 days, she realized she didn’t miss these people whom she thought were friends

“I didn’t miss people, I didn’t miss good food, I just missed my son”

The fact that her friends were missing ‘in action’ was noticed by social media users who also made noise about it, saying they had deserted her in her hour of need. Their absence in the court cases was also highlighted in the media.

Jacque Maribe

Jacque mentioned the falling out saying sometimes friendships run their course
” Alot of people were not supportive especially colleagues”

Who then stood by her?

“My family. I owe them everything, my dad became a beacon of hope, and people told me as much about him and the hope he offered. My friends didn’t want to be associated with me, people I was very close with they disassociated themselves from me, people who I’ve been on holiday with, people I’m told were girl squad goals with. I don’t want to say I lost many friends, I gained true friends”

Kirigo Ngarua in an earlier photo with Jacque Maribe ,Terry Anne Chebet and a friend
Kirigo Ngarua in an earlier photo with Jacque Maribe ,Terry Anne Chebet and Monica

We hope over time, she and these friends whom she didn’t specifically mention but we saw photo s of can mend the fences and we wish all of them well.


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