Jahmby Koikai

‘People I called friends walked out on me, I cried so much’ – Jahmby Koikai

Jahmby Koikai has been battling endometriosis for so long and that journey has seen her lose friends or people she thought were her  friends.

In swahili they say ‘Pata shida ujue marafiki wako ni nani’ which translates to ‘Get into trouble and find out who your real friends are’.

One friend has stood with Jahmby amidst all these even offering to help raise money for her medical bills. Celebrating her friend on Instagram Jahmby wrote

“Hey fam…my Endo journey has blessed me with sisters from far and wide. There were days I’d look back on people who i used to call ‘friends’, ‘sisters’ and I’d cry.

They all left,but God was clearing out them for me. He’s blessed me with new amazing sisters. This girl right here is a gem.

She met me, she’s been visiting me. She’s seen me struggle in pain. One day she called me and said Njambi i have an idea. I said ok.

Jahmby Koikai’s friend Tracii Gitonga alias hotmanyanga

‘If someone doesn’t love who you are, that’s their problem’ Jahmby Koikai says as she opens up on dating

She decided to sacrifice her time here in Atlanta to run and raise funds for me. @hotmanyanga raised $2,000..Kshs.200,000 for my fundraiser.

She ran everyday for close to a month. So imagine juzi she just calls me humbly and told she managed to raise this amount on her own and personally delivered it to me yesterday. Girl thank you.
My hospital bill has escalated and I’m grateful for the love, support and prayers.
God bless you ma. Thank you for your kind heart, love and all the joy you have shared with me and mom.
Remember we are growing through what we are going through.
Nakupenda sana na ubarikiwe zaidi.”

In the past Jahmby confessed that she has not had it easy when it comes to dating either.

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