People Held Nothing Back When Size 8 Said She Is Bukusu And She Loves her Kikuyu Hubby

Gospel celebrity couple DJ Mo and Size 8 are relationship goals for many people.

The two have gone through hell and back with rumours of their impending break up. Reports indicated that their relationship was on the rocks.

They both presented a united front and denied any breakup rumours.

Anyhow, to show how rock solid their union is, Size 8 and DJ Mo have kept on posting their weekly vlog for fans to keep up with the Murayas.

To further cement their influence, Size 8 took to social media to encourage Kenyans to shun tribalism especially at this time when political tensions are high.

“Good morning all Kenyans hope you are well. I am a LUHYA (BUKUSU/Gisu) and am married to a KIKUYU who i really love so very much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 and we just gave birth to a beautiful girl who is just KENYAN. Let us not fight or hate each other coz of our tribe we are KENYANS and God calls us to love each other . LOVE IS THE GREATEST COMMANDMENT,” Size 8 wrote.

Size 8 and DJ MoDJ Mo echoed her post adding:

“I am a KIKUYU and my lovely wife, my heartbeat is a LUHYA (BUKUSU -GISU) 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 and we have a beautiful girl who is just KENYAN. Let us not fight or hate each other because of our tribes -KENYANS, God calls us to love each other . #tribekenya.”

Here are some reactions to the post by DJ Mo and Size 8.

Daniel Mukoshi: That’s nonsense,it’s your private affair which has no bearing on us.It’s not a national or regional issue.

Nancy Hadassah: My observation is majority of Kenyans generally don’t have a problem with one another.The politicians are the problem when they take advantage of people with no means and brain wash them then turn them into hooligans paying them to demonstrate, damage property etc. They are the problem.It saddens most people when they hear people have died in mathare kisumu etc.
The question we should be asking ourselves is what can we do to put a stop to that

Jonathan Haya: So timely! Let us all embrace each other and live as brothers, we all make a big, wonderful family called Kenya!

Faith Pretty: My frst tym to see a cute baluya #mamawambo….Mo, hapo ulitafuta paka chini bed Hahahaha she is cute.

Splendour Riziki Liatema: So u mean luhyas are ugly?

Robert Lacseez Jnr: MO umesema ukweli ata mm ni bukusu na side chiq wangu ni mkiuk… And we have a son whose just kenyan.

Ngeshie Keshie: After marriage she became kikuyu and your dota is typical kiuk.✌ is all we need….

Cess Wa Kim: I have been praying for a celeb to stand up n show kenyans we are one…hii tribalism ni shetani.

Mutahi Nyaga: We are one, tribe doesn’t define a person character does. Asante to the Murayas, be blessed

Joseph Gathage: We are one people one tribe called Kenyans .let’s not get divided by tribes. Great example from Dj mo and Size 8.

Shelsea Kega: automaticly she is 4rm ua rib u didn’t mistake

Saidi Vincent: Luhyas are beautiful 🤞

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