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Sh 100 million for artistes but what about Kenyans with no food!-Huddah complains

Trust Huddah to have an opinion when it comes to the current ongoings in the country. The beautiful socialite and entrepreneur joined other Kenyans in wondering why President Uhuru Kenyatta was allocating money to artistes while most Kenyans don’t have food.

Ms Monroe argued that the Head of State should have considered providing food for Kenyans living in slums before directing authorities to pay entertainers.

Huddah Monroe in white
Huddah Monroe in white

“Almost $1 million directed to entertainers while people don’t even know where to get their next meal with the lock down! I pity my country PEOPLE Kenya is HELL. Can you imagine not even directed to healthcare or food for those in slums,” reads Huddah’s message to President Uhuru.

Huddah Monroe in white
The socialite in white

Ms Monroe’s public outcry comes hours after President Kenyatta announced that all Kenyan artistes will be earning a total of Sh200 Million starting this month.

Quarantine has humbled me and got me begging for cassava! – Huddah

He added that over Sh2 Billion will being going into to the pockets of Kenyan artists this year. President Kenyatta further directed the Ministry of Sports, Culture, & Heritage to avail additional Sh100 Million for artists, actors and musicians during the period of the covid-19 pandemic.

Willy Paul with a group of girls 1
Willy Paul with a group of girls

Musician Willy Paul had been one of the musicians to make his appeal heard to the president asking the head of state to allow artistes to perform as the covid-19 lockdown had affected their wallets as they couldn’t perform.

Now that the president had responded to his appeal, Willy still had the bit in his teeth as he pointed out that the Head of State had directed money meant for Kenyan artistes to the same people who have been paying them peanuts.

“Fortunately, or unfortunately, you’ve just directed the money to the same people that’ have been paying us peanuts. What we want now is transparency, they should tell us how they intend to distribute the money…what system are these boards using to pay us?? They should know that we have our eyes on them. And this time tutakua nao Kwa hio meza tukifanya maamuzi pamoja,” reads part of Willy’s post.

Willy Paul wearing shades
Willy Paul wearing shades


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