People feeling the financial pinch during the Coronavirus pandemic

Everyone is feeling the economic and social pain caused by this virus pandemic.

Business are closing shops as each day passes and the government comes up with more stringent measures.

A few people in the society are the feeling the pinch of this unprecedented pandemic.
1. Side chicks
I’m sorry, your services are kept pending until we are clear out of this international crisis. The little you were able to get from the man who kept you, you’ll have to live off that for now. Your duties resume as soon as the government says that everything is all settled and we can get back to our daily doings. Spend sparingly or else you’ll end up dead before Coronavirus is dealt with.
2. Mathe (Mama Kibandaski)
People are getting more cautious on the need to observe hygiene. People have put to hold eating from these Mathe joints. As much as food is cheaply sold here, hygiene is thrown out of the big window. No one wants to die out of this virus and hence people are avoiding these joints. These joints are losing customers as each day passes and some have completely shut down their joints.
3. Hawkers
This group could be the hardest hit in the wake of this pandemic. Most county governments are chasing hawkers out of town. With only a few observing hygiene, the county governments can’t take risk on lives of the larger public and hence asking these hawkers to close business or be dealt with the hard way.
4. Mutura joints
These joint are a darling to most Kenyans. A bite of this delicacy on your way home is the best after-work gift to have. However, as the Covid 19 pandemic victims keep on increasing, county governments are taking all necessary steps to ensure the virus is contained. That could be the reason why your favourite Mutura joint isn’t operational for now. Services will resume soon. Hold on guys!

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