Amos and Josh

‘People expected me to have lots of money after Tusker project fame’ Josh

Josh famously known for his singing prowess in the group Amos and Josh has been making great strides as a solo artiste after the duo parted ways.

During an interview with a local radio station, Josh who is a father of one, said that what helped him stay at the top of the game is that he created connections.

This he did while at Tusker Project Fame.


We were aware that Tusker Project fame was just a platform for us to showcase our skills so we had to do things off the camera and create networks for ourselves.

After that period everyone expected us to have money, everyone knew our name and it felt good.

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We however did not take time to take things slowly. After Tusker Project Fame we held a gig and charged Ksh 6000 for the tickets.

It was totally sold out.

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Josh formerly of Amos and Josh
Josh formerly of Amos and Josh

Josh has recently released a new jam ‘Light My Way’ alongside Meryl Paige.

Asked if he sings to his wife when he gets her upset, Josh replies that he just comes back home like every other man with his ‘Man of the house’  attitude all set.

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