Things people born after 2000 will never enjoy nor have to deal with


Children born in the 1980’s and early 90’s had  fond memories of the things they used to do, but are long forgotten. Here are some things children born in the new millennium will never experience

1. A Compact disk player

Back then this was used to play music by inserting a disk. It had features such as forward, pause and rewind and it was only for the chosen few who could afford it.

2. Old School TV

Back then there were no smart TV’S with a  wide selection of channels. The old style TV was the only thing one would watch and at specific timings since it only had one channel.




3. Old School phone

Thank God for whoever invented smart phones. Back then there were no smart phones,  so Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were unheard of. For you to use this phone you had to have a directory to be able to dial

4. Old school camera

Unlike now when phones are affordable, back then only a few people had cameras and were used by the village photographers  who used them to run their business. Selfies were unheard of and such cameras used film to store photos unlike now where cameras have inbuilt storage space and memory card slots.

5. Cassette

This was used to record music and programs one would like to listen to later. There was no You Tube or Live Blogs and this was the only way of survival.


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6. Radio

Unlike now when radio’s are more improved with smart technology, back then they were controlled manually and they used batteries to keep them  on during broadcasting. They also had an antennae to help with the network and frequency issues.


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