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People believe there is something going on between Zari and Diamond


Photos of Diamond Platnumz looking a little too comfortable in Zari’s house in South Africa have brought murmurs to social media.

Many say they believe there is more to the two co parents than they have us believe.

Even Zari’s smile in family pictures shared during his second visit have served to spur the rumors. But Zari certainly doesn’t mind the attention they are drawing.

In a cheeky post, Zari responded to this allegation with a ‘LOL’ comment.di in zari houise 3 (1)

One person even noted that Zari smiles alot when she is with Diamond, because other times she never shows her teeth.di in zari house 2 (1)

And even as Diamond danced at her fireplace with Prince Nillana and Tiffah, Zari cutely told the world that their situation ‘issa mood’.di in zari house 5 (1)

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