Harrison Mumia

‘People who believe God exists are lost’ Shouts Atheist president Harrison

Harrison Mumia the head of atheists in Kenya has in an interview said that he really pities people who believe that God exists and that there is life after death.

According to Mumia such people are lost.

My parents were both Christians and I used to attend Sunday school but I gained the light in Campus because I had lost my way before.

People who feel that God exists are lost and I feel sad for them.

There is nothing as bad as believing that there is a God when he does not exist. That you are going to live after you die. That a miracle will happen when it wont.

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Mumia adds

When I reached campus I looked keenly and saw that religion was brought to control people and it is doing that perfectly.

We are social animals and human beings even without religion can find a way to exist.

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 On dating Mumia admits that it is not easy for Atheists to date adding that sometimes employers reject someone a job on learning about a persons atheist status.

As atheist we have our brain and our thoughts. Most of us live by the law of the land.

I listen to gospel songs that have good rhythms. God does not exist.

If you sit down and think about the world from the time you are born to the time you die you will see we are living one life and we have no control over what happens.

People say I am favored but that is not true.

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