‘Nisamehe mama Chloe’Mzungu sponsor begs his Kenyan baby mama only days after leaving a socialite with a Ksh 75,000 bill

Nairobi D cast actress Pendo has been arrested and detained for failing to clear a bill of Ksh 75,000 accrued after  her now mzungu ex-boyfriend Joseph Kner bailed out on her.

The two caused a storm weeks ago after Pendo took to social media flaunting her engagement ring with the caption ‘I Said Yes’.

EXCLUSIVE:Kenyan socialite Pendo arrested after her Mzungu bae bailed out on her leaving her with a bill of Ksh75,000


Pendo engaged

In an earlier post on social media Kner who is engaged to a Kenyan woman identified as Elizabeth Waithira ,posted an ill thought post bragging about how he chose to buy a bike rather than fund her.

“I had the choice , either sponsor my ex b$tch in Kenya or buy the bike ..well my choice was clear, the bike . Now she must find an other sponsor for her nails ad hair and and .. .Only money for my daughter goes to Kenya but the b#tch is offline . “

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It seems like hkitumbua kimeingia mchanga and the ‘sponsor’ has taken to social media to beg his baby mama for forgiveness after a nasty break up and wants them to be a good example to their daughter.

“Hey the nation . After a long dispute and thinking, I guess its time that I officially apologize to Elizabeth Waithera Maina with who I was married to and was planning to divorce her.

Emotions were high but the most important is that our daughter Chloe is well and i know Elizabeth will take good care of Chloe as she did before. Lets close that chapter and everyone live a happy life. We still are parents both but we don’t have to argue.

When you do a mistake in life you should also be able to say sorry after you recognize it . And i am sorry Elizabeth . Lets just live out lives and our daughter will look up to us as good parents. I suggest everyone who has children to not make them pay for our mistakes.”

Elizabeth is yet to give him a response,we never know he might even be a scam who wants to leave her kwa mataa just the same way he did to Pendo.

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