‘Pay me for all the times we have slept together for the last 10 years ‘ Angry woman demands of her estranged husband

During the morning show, Mike Mondo, was flabbergasted as to why women are developing an auctioneers mentality.

An auctioneers mentality is one where when things don’t work out between a couple, one of them makes sure to get back all the things they shared between them either as gifts or in monetary terms.

A woman was caught in a video asking to be paid back for all the times the husband had slept with her.

“Give me my Ksh120,000 you are not man enough I will go look for a man and a half who will take care of me and the kids even if he kids are not his I want a man who can afford to build me a house,you can not even remember how I payed your hospital bill after you were admitted in ICU now that you have gotten yourself a job you feel like I am now useless.

Pay me for the 10 years you have slept with me and for all the times I have fed you and even payed for your driving licence so that you could start working with the public service vehicles. Even this phone is mine and I have a witness to prove that I bought it.”



The man, who is a little tipsy answers back by saying he also wants to be paid

“Before you tell me to take care of kids who are not even mine you should also pay me for living with the kids .”

The woman’s ranting seems to have rubbed men the wrong way, they feel that she is disrespectful not only for the fact that she talks back at her husband but because she keeps account of everything she has ever done for him.


Wakanai had this to say

“That woman already has two kids from two different men, she is a sampled good and she is talking so bad after 10 years of being married to the man. Going by the video she looks like she is well kept. That case should even be taken to the DPP and he should be payed for undergoing through mental torture. And the men who fathered those kids should also pay him for taking care of their kids.”

Another said

“These women are crazy no wonder even the other man left, huyu hata shetani hawezi vumilia”

Another added

“This should be a lesson to other men who depend on women on their way up they should stop na si tafadhali”

It is a high time men learnt to be the heads of the families and take responsibility rather than leave everything to their women.

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