Rue Baby with MCA Tricky

Watch this space! Comedian Paul Kimani reveals that he will be proposing this year (exclusive)

Comedian Paul Kimani has been a success in the entertainment scene with Kenyans embracing his act as MCA Tricky wholeheartedly.

The man had a very successful 2020, that he touched on in his interview with me but one thing that I noted was that he had stopped posting anything related to a romantic relationship in his life.

What was going on in that area of his life?

“In that area of relationships I pulled a leg back, so I can look. I am getting old you know. I am starting to think like an older more mature man. I don’t want to have the games of girlfriend and boyfriend. I want to try something perfect, let me say that.”

MCA Tricky with Reina
MCA Tricky with Reina

And what had happened to the lady he had been linked with in the past, who was called Reina?

“I cannot call her my ex because, and the reason for that is that saying she is an ex means you kosanad vibaya. Reina is still my friend. We are not together anymore.”

And has the comedian who is often linked to Akothee’s daughter begun seriously looking for a woman to become his wife? Yes, he has, telling me that he has been dating someone for some time. “It is already there and it has been there for some time.”

Rue Baby with MCA Tricky
Rue Baby with MCA Tricky

When can expect good news like an engagement announcement? “This year will not end. Next time we speak, it will be very clear.”

So will it be a proposal or walking down the aisle? “It will be a proposal, something that will let people know how serious I am. I will make it official everywhere,” he finished.

Listen to the audio of the comedian speaking about the above interview with this writer below:

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