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“You can’t be Kabi WaJesus, hujui anfanya nini!” Comedian Paul Kimani’s advise to youth

Comedian Paul Kimani is one man on a mission to leave his mark on the world. The popular social media funny-man and I recently spoke and he was open and honest.

One area the man impressed me with was his goals for 2021. And not just making money. Nope, Tricky wants to tackle some serious social issues afflicting the youth.

He told me, “I work with an NGO that deals with mental health and we go around institutions. Youth in Generation Z are being bombarded and manipulated by social media and it is affecting their mental health. People are been affected by the pressures and people are dying from depression.”

Paul went deeper explaining the problem the youth are facing saying that they go around talking about the effects of social media.

“It is affecting many youngsters. Someone is going to Campus and he wants to be like Otile Brown. Just because they see me passing with a Subaru, now he wants to have one the next day. I am a brand that relates with that age demographic so well. I think my biggest crowd is the one for campus and high school. You never know who you will touch,” he said.

Another area he was focusing on was relationships and over-ambitiousness. “When you are in campus, you want to treat your lady the way you see Butita treating Mammito or the way Bahati is treating Diana Marua and at that moment you don’t have supper.”

He drilled his point further telling me, “You can’t be Kabi WaJesus, you don’t know what he is doing. What many don’t know is that celebs are living a lie. They don’t know the journey some of us (celebs) have been through.”

And what had made him set the social goals he was speaking out about? He responded that he had nearly found himself falling into that situation and that’s when he had just become popular as Tricky.

“Like, ‘I don’t have a car but I can see Dr. Ofweneke driving a Benz.’ At first, I thought it was my desire to succeed but I discovered that there is a thin line between the craving for being successful and hurting oneself. Dreaming big is good but don’t overdo it cause it can crush you. I found myself in that situation. Now imagine a student who is on campus who has no income?” he finished.


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