Lillian Muli

‘Your pathetic malicious gain,’ Lillian Muli blasts car ‘thief’

Lillian Muli is angry at a person who shared a photo of her car and tried to use it for his gain. Muli, took to social media to slam the person and wrote;

‘There is no rest for the wicked.

I am passing this message to you who took a photo of my car and tried to use it for your pathetic malicious gain. You failed miserably.

Again i am repeating. There is no rest for the wicked! You will know no peace as long as you go around doing evil. You have been warned’

Like many celebrities, Muli has been sharing very few photos of her car on social media hiding the number plate. In the past, the TV presenter has also been seen slamming haters and anyone that crosses her path.

Muli is also very vocal about relationships yet very private about her own relationship.

I was attracting the same abusive character in my relationships – Lillian Muli admits

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