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Sad video of 310 Pastor Victor Kanyari crying on live TV after church demolished

Victor Kanyari is a character. Whether one likes him or not, the controversial pastor isn’t a boring or bland soul. One’s interactions with him will either leave them thoroughly impressed or very disturbed.

The 310 pastor as he is now remembered is in the news again after a surprising video of him crying on live TV emerged on social media.

The video which was broadcast on Shifu TV shows the pastor crying about a church demolition, shared on Facebook by Thomas Oluoch Oyoo,

According to Kanyari, the church located near Kangundo Road was demolished due to reasons unknown to him and he blamed witchcraft performed by those he considers enemies, saying that they had finally succeeded in making sure the church was demolished.

“A church of 5,000 people, a church that I have constructed amid problems has been taken down! Let me show you some of the pictures,” the sorrowful pastor said as he cut to photos of the said church.

It was then that the clip cut to a gospel track “Mungu Wangu” by Joan Wairimu, which talks about God already knowing the reasons for the struggles experienced by a believer. The video abruptly ended at this point.

That’s not all, another trending clip making rounds on social media, shows Kanyari wearing a sack while desperately urging his followers to fundraise for him to buy another piece of land.

The message read that the viewers should not contribute less than KSh 100, either that or more. A quick visit to his social media pages shows the wealthy preacher is still living large.

Could this be another of the controversial “Man of God’s” schemes to get money from his followers. Don’t forget that he was exposed by Jicho Pevu in 2014 as a fake and a con artist who was preying on the naivety of his followers for financial gain.

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