Robert Burale

You don’t have to sing “Mahaga imeiva kama ndondo” for your song to sell pastor Robert Burale blasts local artistes

Pastor Burale is known for his straight forward attitude and this time its no different after writing an open letter to both gospel and secular artistes.

Local artistes have been accused of lacking plot and poor content when it comes to music creativity and Burale’s letter will leave them weeping with shame.


Robert Burale wrote, “Today, allow me to talk to the Kenyan artists both gospel and secular. You have complained for too long that the public supports international acts at your expense.

Jail me even for a 100 years ,but release Anne Ngirita,Meru man pleads

Well sit down and let’s talk.”

1: Try and put some more effort In shooting your videos ..Avoid cheap graphics that look like a kindergarten “video thesis”..People appreciate where effort is EVIDENT…(Of course not all Artists fall here ..Some are very very good and we know them )

2: LYRICS …you don’t have to use words like “pupu” in your songs to sell…You can do love songs without necessarily using demeaning words like “Mahaga zimeiva kama ndondo” .. And you wonder why majority prefer love songs by Tanzanian, Nigerian artists and few Kenyan acts like Sauti Sol…

Robert Burale
Robert Burale

3: Gospel Artists/Ministers….If your song excites the flesh more than the spirit …please regroup..

4: We don’t need to hear your name 75 times before we hear the name of Jesus …Bible says IF I BE LIFTED UP …

5. Lastly to the so called VIDEO VIXENS ..did someone tell you that to qualify to appear in a music video you must be almost NAKED…if you want to be NAKED go the the SAUNA

Kenyans reacted to the post. Here are is their take on the situation.

Maina Robert: Of late I’ve noted Kenyan content is getting more airplay unlike a couple of years ago when Nigerian music ruled our radios. The problem though is differentiating the gospel and secular.

Jalang’o wrong to judge whole industry – Size 8

Chepkoech Ann: Ukweli kapsaa. Sema yote…most Kenyan music bores me to the core. It is a high time these artists considered the content and the importance of developing content that cuts across. That is if they want us to listen to their music, watch their videos many times over and for a long time.

Esther Kariithi: This is nothing but pure truth,we go international coz our local artists have failed us kabisa, content hawana…

Robert Burale

Robert Burale

Deno Wajo: We are lacking content in gospel songs,secular songs nowadays nakedness carries the order of the day, Kenyan musicians should not complain when we support international artists.

Ng’endo Irene: God help our music industry… otherwise we r dancing our way to Lucifer
We forget the devil never sleeps and he will try all ways to make this industry looks so cheap n the word will not reach to the right person… esp our young generation (children ) they are addicted to tv n radio what kind of generation are we raising.

Burale’s letter comes a few weeks after radio presenter Jalang’o blasted gospel artistes for singing songs without content and no particular message.

Radio presenter Jalango slams gospel artistes for songs without content

While speaking to Word Is by The Star ,gospel artiste Size8 reborn has come out to defend other gospel  artistes saying “Jalang’o should not judge people with a few songs because ours is the biggest music industry ,and i believe  every song has a message

She adds”Everyone sings differently thus it would be wrong to judge them with their content.”

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