Pastor Ng'ang'a and his wife

 Pastor Ngang’a’s rich neighbors don’t ‘sumbua’ him like you do


Those James Ng’ang’a videos on social media are shared by demon-possessed people trying to bring down his church, the preacher has said.

The videos of Ng’ang’a in church, which usually depict him in a bad light, have been circulating on social media in recent weeks, but the preacher told Word Is they are fake and malicious.

“I do a lot of good things. I feed people, lakini hao wakata tu ile nimeongea vibaya kwa sababu ni watu wana mapepo. They want to put the ministry down,” he said.

Ng’ang’a also dismissed claims that he was contemplating suicide.

“I also heard that some were saying that they saw me driving a V8 looking stressed, like I would commit suicide.

“Let us be realistic, why would I want to commit suicide? Look at the beautiful wife I have. Who will I leave her with if I commit suicide?

“Who will I leave my cars with and my home? In case you did not know, my neighbours are wazungus. We just say ‘hi’ to each other, hakuna mambo ya kushinda tukibishania mlango.”

He warned his haters to stop spreading fake information about his preaching.

“I am from the wilderness and I preach for people who are from the wilderness, the rest can look for their churches,” Ng’ang’a said.

“These learned people do not want to see we illiterate people driving big cars. When I say I am driving a good car, they don’t want to put the part I am talking about me pulling a Mkokoteni because they want people to think I am bragging,” he said.

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