Niache! Pastor Ng’ang’a tells off Snufu Dogg…Sniff Dog…Snoop Dogg

Pastor James Ng’ang’a has taken the mantle as the most controversial and at the same time charismatic pastors in Kenya. And his infamy seems to grow by the day.

This past weekend Snoop Dogg used one of pastor’s Ng’ang’a’s healing videos on his Instagram page as a meme to demonstrate how pastors treat their congregants when they want money from them.


The video got a lot of views and many of Snoop’s over 35 million followers were in agreement with the gist of his message, all at the expense of poor Pastor Ng’ang’a.

‘Handsome’ Pastor Ng’ang’a describes himself as the ‘best’

But now the pastor has now decided to respond to the besmirching of his good name and told the American megastar to keep him off his lips. He did so while speaking to his congregants during one of his live spiritual clinics. He said during the service

Naskia nimetajwa na Watch doggi…Snufu Dog, Sniff Dog, ni mtu mmoja kama Michael Jackson. Naskia aliweka hiyo akapata comment more than 1 million, akatoa. We Snoop Dogg imba nyimbo zako za kimataifa, wachana na Ng’ang’a. Wakamba wanasema oka manya.

Watch the video below;

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Pastor Nganga remains undefeated😂😂😂 #nganga

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The comments to his response by many Kenyans were hilarious with many noting that the enterprising pastor couldn’t even say his bitter rivals name.

leeburnn Ifikie snufu dog
minaj_aidah smirnof dong😅😂
scottdent_orthodontics Bad publicity equals increased ratings…..he will get more tithings

What do you think about his clap back to Snoop?

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