King Kaka in suit and tie

Your mom is my GF! Kenyans react after Pastor Ng’ang’a disses King Kaka

Kenyans are reacting to Pastor James Ng’ang’a’s controversial diss of King Kaka. The controversial “man of God” has irked a section of netizens after he insulted artist Robert Ombima alias King Kaka over his poetic song ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ which rattled him.


In a video which went viral online, Pastor Ng’ang’a dismissed the musician saying he was “nothing” compared to him. “There is someone here lying to people, I do not know what evil gets into people, King Kaka looks for your age mates, the likes of matatu drivers and touts. Who do you think you are addressing, this is a commander, we are very different like the sun and the moon,” he said in front of the congregation.


He added, provokingly, that King Kaka’s mother was his girlfriend. “King kaka, your mother is my girlfriend, wherever you are, tell him,” the pastor added while finding it difficult to pronounce the rapper’s name.

SIR_GYNEE🦃 How does Pastor ng’ang’a miss to get the word king 🤔🤔🤔. Its mentioned in the bible like 1000 times but he misses it and pronounces it has kang
🤔🤔🤔🤔how ??????

Nduta Erick Mburu I guess pastor Ng’ang’a get saved some few weeks ago….what went wrong #kangkaka

Jayxef Next time please don’t joke. Get it right the first time or else Pastor Ng’ang’a will be saying that tree is his bush 😏
RICHARD MAHAMOUD Pastor Ng’ang’a on it again! But why should he bring an innocent mom in this thing!? Eti ‘your mum was my girlfriend’ nani hajui Ng’ang’a has a Nigerian boyfriend kwanza? Haezi lima shamba labda alimwe yeye! Nonsense.

King Kaka, your mother is my girlfriend – Pastor Ng’ang’a insults rapper

Charles Wesonga Matusi ingine pia hainanga form. Anyway, by telling people that your mother is his girlfriend, he has proved to the world that you were right: Pastor Ng’ang’a hudanganya mchana!

Modal realism ❁ Pastor Ng’ang’a will say things so evil, that even a drunk man will not say in a bar!

King Kaka in a plane
King Kaka in a plane

EDDIE MORS 🇰🇪 Pastor Ng’ang’a: Every minute that passes there are 60 seconds.
His congregants: How did you know this Mighty Man of God? 🤔🤔 😂😂😂😂😂 How do people wake up every sunday and go to this church?

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