King Kaka, your mother is my girlfriend – Pastor Ng’ang’a insults rapper

Controversial pastor, James Ng’ang’a, is at it again and with flavour of the moment, King Kaka. Why exactly? Pastor Ng’ang’a was unhappy with the rapper mentioning him in his now-famous/infamous spoken-word piece; ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’.

King Kaka seating
King Kaka seating

In a video that has been doing the rounds and that has even been posted on King Kaka’s Instagram page, the pastor threw insults at the rapper calling him an idiot and also claiming to be dating his mother.

pastor-James-Nganga pastor-James-Nganga

‘There’s someone here lying to people, I don’t know what evil gets into people, King Kaka looks for your age mates, the likes of Matatu drivers and touts. Who do you think you are addressing, this is a commander, we are very different like the sun and the moon,” he said in front of the congregation.

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He then went on to provocatively say,

‘King kaka, your mother is my girlfriend, wherever you are, tell him,’ the Man of God added. The video amused King Kaka who found it funny that pastor Ng’ang’a could not get his name while saying Nganga’s congregation was the true reflection of Kenyans.

On the song ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’, King Kaka said in a verse, at least the pastor was not hiding while stealing from his congregations, as politicians do with Kenyans.

Pastor Ng'ang'a
Pastor Ng’ang’a at his church with his wife

This isn’t the first time that pastor Ng’ang’a has gone head to head with a musician. This year, the pastor went at American rapper Snoop Dogg after the musician had shared a video of the pastor slapping his followers, claiming to remove devils out of them. In his critic, Snoop mocked the pastor’s antics.

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