Reactions to Pastor Ng’ang’a shamefully humiliating a female congregant

Pastor Ng’ang’a has been on the lips of many these past few weeks, what with his linguistic and mathematical errors last week.

The man of God had a hard time doing basic subtractions. Not only that, his pronunciation of the word, ‘Mathematics’ was so bad I think that word is still in the ICU.

Pastor James Ng'ang'a
Pastor James Ng’ang’a

The pastor is in the news again. Why? The comments he made to a female congregant that had attended his church service.

In a widely circulating viral video, the man is seen ridiculing the female congregant for the manner of her dressing and the bag she had carried.

The painful video is below;

The video elicited a lot of heartfelt reactions from Kenyans who saw it. Some of the reactions are below;

Maria This was soo rude for a whole pastor to do what he did…Jesus said that he is not concerned with our physical appearance but our hearts..
James Muriithi the government should come in na kanisa kama neno zifungwe
Martini I have no pity on this lady. How, for heavens sake does any sane person attend Pastor Ng’ang’a’s “church”?. How?. And some dudes in the name of men are there watching in submission. I give up.
FREDERICK NABICHENJE Ati you lecture me hadi bags nabeba CRAP!!! ningemwachanisha hapo.. How are people still going to that church.
pishnjoroge It a disgrace 😱very sad and shock to see this.
Gashogoo🐓 He doesn’t belong to the pulpit.
chocoheart How can one afford to get mad at this? They are acting as always. Now that woman will get donations and give the pastor his cut. Everybody wins.
duncan makama🇰🇪 Is it that they have preached the whole bible and he has nothing else to preach or what.

What do you think of the video?

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