Pastor James Ng'ang'a

Pastor Nganga body shames women in church with a big tush


Girls if you have a big posterior like Kim Kardashians, try and wrap your heads around this one.

You are probably walking into church with a dress that fits snug around your hips.

Stop it, according to Pastor Nganga, who says it’s causing mental anguish.

In a message delivered to a silent congregation, Nganga was of the view that it’s tempting men who are weak.

Neno Evangelism Ministries Pastor James Ng’ang’a appear is brought to Limuru law/ Courtesy The Star

The sermon controversial Pastor Nganga can be heard delivering to his congregants was captured in a video shared on social media.

Pastor Nganga berates women who have big derriers’, and more so the fake ones.

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He argued that:

watu wamekosa sheria thabihu, these women dress the way they want, and even on Facebook you can see, unaona wanawake wanaenda wanajichora chora, 

You see fake padded panties being sold, and their backside is so big it’s not real ask her to remove her clothes and show you if it’s real, they are buying padded underwear (at this point he is gesturing at the backside)

He continued his rant,

The size of the waist and the hips don’t make sense, kwanini huku (backside) ni kubwa 

How do you go and buy such clothes, what is in your mind, even churchgoers and saved people go buy these clothes and come to church with them, wewe ni malaya ya kiroho,

Nganga also added that its tempting and causes mental anguish to men:

You are an agent of Satan, you will kill people in church, you come here to take the microphone (gesturing at church podium) and you have gone to inject your bum with injections, and people in church are staring at you saying, heeee….how does this one have such a big bum, where did she get such a big butt from?

Maina Kageni wonders how congregants are okay with Pastor Nganga’s rants

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree with Nganga berating young women and is it un christian like?

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