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Pastor Nganga blows away Kenyans with impressive dance moves (Video)


Anytime Pastor Ngang’a trends on Twitter, you can be sure he has done something outrageous.

This time it isn’t. Disappointing right? He gives us such comic relief.

King Kaka, your mother is my girlfriend – Pastor Ng’ang’a insults rapper

A video of Nganga leading praise and worship has everyone saying how lit it is.

Nganga can be seen jumping up and down, moving side to side as he encourages his congregants to sing and dance.

Here is the video


Kenyans on Twitter have widely shared the video of his dance moves, noting how impressed they are.

Many have suggested he can be paid to host events such as Koroga festival.

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Pastor Nganga anafaa apewe gig pale koroga Festival….Crowd control top! 😂😂😂

Another tweeter user proposed that @kenyan_events..Club Owners should also go to Kan Kaka sunday service and worship..especially with pastor Nganga

Even Classic 105’s Mwalimu Kingang’i was tickled and praised Nganga’s moves, noting how energetic he is.

Niache! Pastor Ng’ang’a tells off Snufu Dogg…Sniff Dog…Snoop Dogg

Mwalimu noted that

one thing I love about him in that Church is that he is in charge of everything, anamobilize, you’ve gotta love Pastor Nganga,

That church service really is lit. Watching the video, I have the urge to stand and dance too.

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