Pastor Ng'ang'a

Pastor Ng’ang’a to build Sh2.5 billion church-It will have a hotel and shops

Pastor Ng’ang’a is always good for a controversial story at least once every week. But this week’s story isn’t one that is controversial but very fascinating in these harsh economic times.

This past Sunday, the head of Neno Evangelism outlined his dream plan of putting up a Sh 2.5 billion church complex in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD).

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The church mansion dubbed Neno Towers and will have recreational facilities such as swimming pools, hotels with accommodation facilities, shops, offices among other features.

He said, ‘I want to build a church complex costing KSh 2.5 billion, I have prepared the survey and presented it to City Council. I have already paid KSh 7 million out the required KSh 12 million.’

Pastor Ng'ang'a
Pastor Ng’ang’a at his church

His plans he said were proof that God has been answering his prayers despite the backlash and criticism he has been receiving from a section of Kenyans.

‘You have seen my plan, don’t think that I have money. I only believe that God will provide and I am praying that he protects me from sickness, getting old and death so that I leave this legacy behind,’ Pastor Nga’ng’a told his church.

Pastor Ng'ang'a
Pastor Ng’ang’a while he was at Radio Jambo

Ng’ang’a said that his success to prayers and believing in his visions which he said have seen him rise from a newspaper vendor to a mighty man of God revered countrywide.

‘Those who are saying Ng’ang’a has demons are confused. How can you have demons and own an acre of land here at Uhuru Highway and you who thinks you are normal don’t own even a plot in Mlolongo? Is that possible? the controversial Man of God asked?

Pastor-James-Ng’ang’a with one of his cars

That wasn’t all that the pastor revealed. He said that he had bought 44 acres in Kajiado and built modern houses for his preachers.

‘I have built pastors houses for preachers and another big one with eight rooms for prayers. Some have underground rooms for private prayers,’ the cleric said.

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