Pastor Kathy Kiuna trolled by unhappy fans

Decorated city pastors Allan and Kathy Kiuna are trending on social media after a photo of them goofing around went viral.

Allan and Kathy Kiuna

Commonly referred to as ‘Dad’ and ‘Mum’ by their followers, the power couple is never afraid of teaching us the key to successful relationships and from exchanging saliva in public to penning sweet romantic messages to each other, they always leave many dying of jealousy.

The city pastors, who recently revealed that they are looking forward to opening more branches both home and abroad, are among the most talked about servants of God in Kenya.

“I need a private jet because they are speaking and declaring what I am believing God for and I am confident it shall come to pass. When God is ready to do something in your life, even your enemies announce it in advance,” said Allan Kiuna.

Well, Kathy Kiuna shared a photo goofing around with her bishop husband and critics came out guns blazing.

Kathy and Allan Kiuna

She captioned:

“May your week be filled with laughter. God is able to do what He says. Relax, take a deep breath and keep on ticking. You will make it.”

Here are some of the savage reactions:

Barazadan: Is this how pastors behave after taking peoples offerings? oh GOD HELP US

Mali.alianda: Why are you making such faces? You think its funny? No! Just nourish us with word and leave gestures to the youths.

Miss_koech_feiy: You guys are too old for that,…pick a struggle

Judy.apondy: Well from a Pastor No! No !No!

K.e.v.i.n.c.a.r.s.o.n: Making faces after receiving our tithes

Kim.lynette: Too old for this..the photo speaks volume

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Jullianamari: Ameen.Hehe😂😂aki you guys u de kill me one day oooh.This hilarious.Love u both

The Bible says touch, not the anointed ones, but Kenyans still go ahead and judge men of God!

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