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Pastor instructs congregation to fight each other to fight off demons- video

A video of a church congregants fighting each other has emerged. They were instructed by their pastor to fight each other to fight off each others demons.

This is not the first time pastors have been caught in controversial situation.

Just recently a South African pastor was trending after ‘raising ‘ a man from the dead.

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Below are some of the reactions

@Haps_Mbambs:Royal rumble! Church edition!
@Isaac_Mnguni :That’s the reason why i wont set my foot on these churche, I like the Demon in me that keeps me far away from church… Cabanga coming back from Church with a blue eye.
@ougomandela :What the hell is this?
 @Teekay_04 :Kodwa Nkosi yam when are we going to stop allowing people to debase us like this. These are not the teachings of Christ.

@NoahArer :Thunder has become so lazy and indifferent that it has refused to strike them dead !

@Rey_Phogojane :It’s been said that religion is one of the things that are keeping Black Africa from achieving it’s greatness,and I agree .This is outright infuriating!

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