Pastor cancelled wedding

Pastor cancels wedding after couple eats from same plate

A pastor stunned a couple in Nigeria after he cancelled a wedding that he was supposed to officiate at because the couple’s behaviour had displeased him.

Why? Because they ate food from the same plate. According to the pastor, the couple had committed a miscarriage of justice after they ate from the same plate a week to their nuptials.

This according to a Twitter user identified as Realoladele, who claimed that the pair were supposed to walk down the aisle on June 8th, 2019. Their traditional wedding had already taken place on June 7th.

The news was met with shock and surprise from both families with news hitting the bride, in particular, the hardest. Read Realoladele’s tweets of the unsettling story below;


Wedding canceled
Wedding cancelled
Wedding canceled
Wedding cancelled

Many responded to Realoladele’s post with shock and consternation. Some of the comments are below;

Alchemist; Sheer madness! I will dust my feet n be done with the church! No human being would spoil my wedding day. Is he GOD!!!
‘Youngest Old Man 💭; If you can’t keep church doctrine, there’s a court wedding.
Euphrates; Or you change denomination, there are a thousand and one of them in this country.
ᶜᵃˡˡ ᵐᵉ Ricky ͂ ̐ ̈́; I’m a member but I don’t in any way support the actions of the SO, I’m also very certain the GS would not support his actions too. He went overboard with this one really. I know the rules guiding our MC but for God’s sake they only shared a meal together.
Pepple Medlyn Tonye; So you know there’s nothing wrong with sharing a meal right? In that case I bet they wouldn’t have suspended the GO’s kids.

Cases of pastors refusing to conduct wedding ceremonies over issues they have with the couple are rare but do happen. In Nakuru last year, Pastor Jesse Karanja of Mizpah House of Prayer Church in Bahati, Nakuru County cancelled a wedding ceremony that was supposed to take place in his church.

He told the couple, Joyce Waithera and Paul Waithaka to get HIV tests before they could get married. They did the test but he still refused to marry them, scuttling a ceremony that had cost an arm and a leg to prepare!

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