Pastor angers man after printing new marriage rules for couples

Remember the controversial pastor who asked his followers to eat grass? Yes..forget that.

From pastors going to heaven and taking selfies to making their congregants drink urine to cure a disease, pastors are not strangers to controversy.

What are some of the controversial things you’ve heard pastors have done? Share below as you read on.

pastor makes man swallo snake

Pastors who run mega churches face controversies and will trend online for months on end.

Well, another pastor has done it again. A Nigerian pastor and his wife have released new rules that church members including engaged couples, must adhere to. What do I mean?

Well any bride and groom who want to tie the knot in his church must first buy the pastor and his wife new clothes. Yes.. you heard that right.



The Nigerian mega church leader has angered a man who took to his facebook to criticize the demands. See the picture below.

This was shared by Facebook user Ayomide Akinyera:

All them law teaching pastors won’t sponsor posts against such acts as these ooo.
Imagine buying suit for officiating pastors, chai yeye world people

pastor demands from facebook use ayomide akinyera

¬†Helen Obiageli Okoro… They should include bride price too… Na compulsory to do church wedding? Registry here I come

Sylvia Anyanna Nezieanya…. Materialistic bunch of named thieves. Nonsense. Mtcheew

Ijeoma Akabunwa… The list alone is enough for couples to do their normal wedding. This is pure wickedness.

Bukayo Hassan Ijaodola… The list is outrageous and d pastors involved must be made to face the full wrath of d law

Daniel Oluwadamilare Akintoye …Same goes to naming ceremony. I will rather give my son or daughter a name as soon as he/she is delivered and entertain guests at the house later. The tradition of waiting for 7 days and the first person to give my child’s name is a religious leader doesn’t add up to me actually. I think we give these teachers of scripture more than necessary.

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