Esther Passaris in the dress that has offended some

My dress my choice! Passaris defends see-through gown

Esther Passaris has been in the news this past month mainly due to her back and forth with Nairobi governor Mike Sonko. The two dominated the headlines last week after their spat spilled over into the public domain.

Esther Passaris
Esther Passaris

But that isn’t the reason I am writing this story. The Nairobi Women’s Rep was also attacked after photos emerged of her wearing a see-through dress.

Some criticised her saying that a woman her age should not wear those types of dresses. She has now responded to the attacks on her person. She told one particular Twitter user that the dress in question was a gift from her husband. The tweet is below;

Her followers mostly agreed with her sentiment. Some of their comments are below;

Miss Kirui 🇰🇪; Imagine being bothered by what a woman is wearing and thinking you have an opinion on it . Tragic😭
DAtundo Atundo; Yeah Right? RIGHT, but YOU are an ELECTED public figure if not leader.
chichi; 😂😂kwani mnataka avae aje si ni binadamu ka nyinyi mnasumbua😂😂🚮
Benji Ndolo; It’s a se3y dress tbh 👌
OseiTutu; Kuuliza tu,ule beshte yako Joe alihit?
Atieno Okeyo; Clearly alot of people luv this look they keep bringing back the issue of this dress! Do not be intimidated.
Apeironjohns; So long as my mum is at home wearing her best to please daddy. I don’t care whether others wear sacks or go naked. Anyway the Women Rep wore her best that time only that idlers are everywhere doing what they love best.
EFFIE ALINA™; No apologies required! Do you sis!

Esther Passaris
Esther at a public event

The issue of how women dress will always be a hot-button topic. In Europe, the debate has been raging over Frances’s controversial move to ban face-covering headgear, including masks, helmets, balaclavas, niqābs and other veils covering the face in public places, except under specified circumstances.

Woman wearing a burqa_in_Afghanistan
Woman wearing a burqa_in_Afghanistan

The ban also applied to the burqa, a full-body covering, if it covers the face. Consequently, full body costumes and Zentais (skin-tight garments covering entire body) were banned.

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