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Doing DNA is like wanting to know what the chicken you are eating ate – Man tells Maina

Maina Kageni brought up an interesting topic today-one that affects influential and wealthy Kenyan men a lot-Paternity especially after they pass on.

The host asked Kenyan men whether they would subject their partners to a DNA test considering the rise in cases of paternity fraud that are compiled on a daily basis.

The comments came in hard and fast with a split of opinions with many of the men saying that they would do it but warned that it might also cause many marital problems in the country.

Some of those comments are below:

Maina Maina akiyao huku ni wapi?! Unataka kinoti asafocate na makesi?! The moment women call you and say “let me tell you Maina! Aki jua the next statement it’s going downhill.” Maina we are an endangered species

Mambo zengine Maina tuache mikononi mwa Mungu, ndoa zitasambaratika, whom will u blame, ebu tuache amani ya bwana itambe, cases zitajaa uko kwa kinoti tukose amani.

Let me tell you Maina if all the married men decided to do DNA tests on all the kids in these houses there would be no families in left in Kenya. Many men are raising kids that aren’t theirs

Maina how much does a DNA cost, if you can finance me for that then am ready but iyo pesa wacha nipige sherehe nazo.

If I trust the mum no need of doing DNA. Another thing is when the baby resemble my behaviour and appearance but IF not I’ll think of DNA.

Wueeeh. First the cost is too much. 2nd it can always tell a lie, breaks marriages. 3rd majority of us raise other people’s children and we accept.

Hello Classic. No need to ask for a DNA test rather ask about the ladies that are married with kids and the father do nurse those kids as their own.

Never never, majority are raising people’s children! Wanachukua tu wanaweka wanatuletea tulee.

Maina I shall not pay fees for a chilf whose DNA I have not verified!

Hii lazima currently Sio kuzuri.

Utapangwa proper usipo…..ubaki zile za Speak-no-evil monkey

Doing a DNA is like kutaka kujua kuku anakula nini you won’t eat the kuku… DNA is a know go zone for me

Macho ya mzazi ni ya ukweli, my mother haenzi shindwa kujua damu yake, so no need for DNA test

There are some women who are also not sure who the father of the kid is. DNA is a must

Why not!! For me l would go very early in the morning. 

In the current generation it’s a good idea.

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