‘I wish my parents had asked for a lot of dowry,’ cries jilted wife

The dowry payments in the current society are abnormally charged by the elders.

The young men that wish to marry are given a huge financial fee than they can barely afford.

This left Maina asking these questions; “Has dowry been commercialized these days?”

Why should you ask a 26-year-old young man to pay millions of money as ruracio? Maina asked in the morning discussion. He felt that the way it was being commercialized was insane.

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The price was a bit higher than the required amount that one is required to pay. The male responses were of the opinion that parents should not sell their daughters off but dowry should be a way of appreciation.

Dowry should be paid but it should not be overcharged. One caller said,

“Ruracio is a debt that should be paid and not an appreciation. In our Kikuyu culture ruracio for the bride should be paid the same way it was paid for the mother. A man should not receive dowry for her daughter if he did not pay for his wife. So lets embrace our culture and pay the dowry as it is to be paid.”

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One lady caller said that it is mandatory for a dowry to pay.

“Mimi ata naomba wazazi wangu wangeitisha hiyo ruracio as much as possible so that ata ukiachwa atleast you can know hiyo pesa ndo utatumia kuraise watoto. Mimi niliolewa akaitishwa pesa kidogo then nikaachwa kwa mataa taking care of his children alone. (I wish my parents had asked for a lot of dowry during my ruracio, so that even if my husband leaves, I have some money to raise his children. Now, he  has left me taking care of his children alone.)”

However many people had a different opinion of this and how they were also asked to pay their ruracio. Other comments were;

If the dowry is a way of appreciating the female parents for educating her and all that then the male parents should be paid for bringing up such a young man for their daughter.

I was once asked to pay pesa ya kukatia msichana wao na kukausha matiti. When the lady was growing up she sucked her mother’s breasts so I was also required to pay for that. 

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