Papa Shirandula Actress Awinja looks like royalty in this gown

Jacky makes sure she is always at the top of her game, commanding the red carpet in a variety of styles.

From her hair to her makeup and accessories Papa Shirandula actress Awinja also known as Jacky Vike wows.

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This outrageously cute outfit that she wore below, has been gathering dust in her wardrobe. She shared details about it, revealing.

This was was my First Gown ever! And a favourite for that Matter. I will be Posting here some of the Gowns/Dresses I have Worn on the Red Carpet and other Events.
Unfortunately I can’t Wear them again so i am thinking of what to do with them, either Sell them and give the Money to charity or Just give them away as they are but that means I will need a challenge for that🤔 ama I make them short and wear them differently 🤔😂 Btw.. Sijui aki 🙈


Awinja is nothing short of striking royalty as she has such a classy sense and is pretty hard to ignore.

The mother of one never ceases to amaze us with her unwavering beauty. No stranger to stunning style statements, the acting veteran is known to deliver vibrant, conversation-worthy looks. The intricate detailing of her gown and accessory choices show just how much of an OG she is when it comes to style.

We are in awe of you Jacky, go through and see why;

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