Diamond and his father

Pata DNA! The harsh lesson every man should get from Diamond and his ‘dad’ Abdul

Diamond Platnumz has been in the news and not for behaving badly. The reason, the bombshell dropped last week that the man many had considered to be his father, Mzee Abdul Juma, wasn’t.

In a well-coordinated expose’ Ricardo Momo, Diamond’s biological brother and his mother, Mama Dangote revealed that a certain man going by the name Salim Nyange was the father.

She also confirmed that Lava Lava’s manager, Ricardo Momo, and Diamond are stepbrothers who were fathered by the late Nyange.

“When you look at Diamond and Ricardo what do you see? Ricardo’s father is the same as Diamond’s father, he is called Salum Iddi.

“Mzee Abdul was a stepfather he found me with Naseeb’s pregnancy and he knew it. He told me that he was not responsible for the pregnancy. I have on many occasions told him that if he had accepted the pregnancy the child would have been his,” she told Wasafi FM.

Even Diamond’s real paternal grandma, Mwanaisha Mrisho spoke on the issue saying that Diamond knew who his biological father was.

Mrs Mrisho, the mother of Salim Idi N’yange (Diamond’s biological dad), said her son always told her he had a child somewhere but the mother had ‘given’ him to another man.

The granny said she first met Diamond in 2002 when he paid her a visit. Mrisho noted that the Bongo music star was the exact copy of his father.

The interesting thing about this whole affair is that Mzee Abdul himself has stated that he was relieved that Mama Dangote had finally put the issue to rest.

Juma explained that he fell out with Mama Dangote when the Wasafi CEO was in Form One, and had never, until Friday, heard her tell Platnumz that he was not his father.

“This is, first, not news of grief. It’s not bad. There had been rumours. I listened to Wasafi, and it’s OK, because I finally got confirmation. I was shocked. What I asked myself was, “I am truly not his biological father?” A lot has been said, but I believe Diamond is my son, 100 percent. He has been my son from her pregnancy to birth; from the day I picked them from the hospital, to the humble life we lived. I parted ways with his mother when he was in Form One, and I have never heard her tell him I’m not his father – until today when, with her own lips, she said he is not mine. But, I believe he is mine,” said Juma.

Juma went on to express disappointment that she labelled him an absentee father, saying he did all that was required of him during Platnumz’s formative years until the separation.

Not ruling out a DNA test, he noted that Mama Dangote is best suited to say whom she sired with, but he holds in his heart that he is the songbird’s father considering that Platnumz has been using his name, in official documents, since birth.

”She says I am not the father. That I was his stepfather and that I refused to acknowledge the baby as mine. Think about it. The contradictions; do they make sense to you? How would I refuse, then raise the child? I am his father. Why do I say so? Because he is using my name, in all his documents – identification cards and contracts. There are people who are advising I get a DNA test, but I won’t force it. Mama Dangote knows who the father is. I agree with what she said. With a sincere heart, I truly say he is not mine,” he added.

Why have I written this article?

It’s a cautionary tale to all men out there. No man should invest his time, money and love for all those years just to discover that his child isn’t his this late in life!

The above speech shows that he is either a great actor (and is lying that he didn’t know) or that he is just getting to terms with the shocking information that he and the general public is getting to know about Diamond’s real father.

Mzee Abdul is at a place no man should be at in this day and age-At the mercy of a woman about whether a child he thought was his, is or isn’t?

A sad state of affairs that should be/could be prevented in this day and age of DNA by doing paternity testing at birth for all of the kids.

Yes, All of the kids! Stats in Kenya (which are replicated in most liberal societies) show that paternity fraud occurs in close to 30-40% of DNA tested by the father.

That means that 30-40% of men in this day and age could be raising children that don’t share a shred of DNA with them and are doing so because they don’t know!

Mzee Abdul can say his predicament is because at the time he got Diamond DNA testing was something nascent in most societies but men today don’t have that excuse.

For as little as 20-30k a man can get a DNA test that will take less than a month to ascertain whether he’s the father. What will you choose?

Be the idiot who raised another man’s ejaculate or your own kid (one that you’re sure about)?

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