Risper Faith and her son

‘It was a painful experience’ Risper Faith on harrowing birth experience

Risper Faith has opened up on how difficult delivering her baby.

The new mother says that despite everything she has been through she is staying strong.

Risper who is famously known for her role in a local show Nairobi D shared her experience with an aim of encouraging another mum out there.

I had a good pregnancy and I thank God for that,even though at the final hours delivery I couldn’t take the pain any more that led me to undergo caeserian section(cs)..

I wasn’t able to dilate to 10 cm for 12 hours .. It was a very painful experience to say the least,any mother can relate to that.

But I was strong,I had to be strong for my baby,and that’s what mother are…STRONG.

Risper Faith

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In a past post Risper had penned on how she feels blessed for having her son in her life.

You light up my entire world,the kind of love I never knew existed,I never knew I could love any harder than I already do,every time.

I look at you my heart is filled with joy,God has truly blessed me beyond measure…I love you so much son you are my greatest treasure ♥️♥️♥️

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