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‘I paid my own bride price but he keeps cheating on me’ Shouts woman

Would you pay your own bride price? well one woman did and she is paying heavily for that after finding out that her man is cheating on her.

According to the woman, she met her man while he was jobless and has done everything including buying herself gifts and making it look like he was the one who bought them.

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She says

“I married my husband as a jobless man, I paid my own bride price and sponsored the entire occasion, I even bought myself a car and gave it to him to give me on my wedding day.

Every time I constantly buy myself gifts and lie on social media that he bought it for me so everyone thinks I married a rich man because that is what I constantly show them.

Until my friends started sleeping with him thinking he will give them money, as stupid as my husband is, he  steals my gold sells it and gives other women my money.

He even sold one of my car to pay a trip to Dubai.”


She goes on to add that he is so manipulative that every time he is found out he will give her the s#x of her life just so that he can be forgiven.

“If I find out he will give me the s#x of my life he is too good in bed I swear I can’t lie.

He has this magic touch, and he can suck my juice for World Cup, once I catch him cheating he will kill me with s#x that I will just forget what he did and be begging for more.

He knows how to punish me in the bedroom, he is too damn good and I feel stupid every time I let him.


My stupidity is getting out of hand, He has sold one of my houses and my mum is saying we arrest him but I do not know how to do that.

The worst is that he does not deny it, if I ask him he will say yes I sold it and say he is sorry.”

She adds

“He does not even let me get angry he will just drag me and start s**king on my cookie no matter how I struggle he will make me calm.

Even when I offend him or insult him he never gets tired ,This man is selling all my assets and I can’t do anything I need help.”

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