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‘Alililiiiii harusi tunayo?’ screams overjoyed Maina Kageni fans after seeing this photo with mysterious woman

Maina Kageni has been under pressure from his fans  asking him to get married , a recent photo of him has left many many wondering if he has found the one.

I know you might be wondering who this woman is but utazidi kungoja given that we also do not know if our favorite radio host Maina Kageni is dating.

Maina  posted a photo on his Instagram with the caption below and as usual Kenyans cant keep calm

“S/he shoe game on fleek!!!!!”

Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni is among the most eligible bachelors in the Kenyan media scene alongside people like Dennis Okari, Larry Madowo, but it is his love for defending women that has got lasses branding him as husban material.

Below are some of the comments from his fans and they will leave you in stitches
divinah2547: I have cried since morning

ririkungu: Wow! Maina ena múndú 💞 Jesu akumio 🙌

thauthi: @mainawakageni, hapa ndio unaimba “jiko jiko langu takulinda…

miss_gachuha: Wakenya hamjawahi shindwa I know by kesho huo utakua umejulikana ni wa nani 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 lol

lilywanjiku: All here we just waiting for the day you will finally tell us your getting married, stop keeping us in suspense and do it😂

mercyenskye: Hata dowry tutalipa ka unaoa haki, weka pay bill tumwendee kesho

official_myk: Hii gari ni kubwa @mainawakageni Tumia V-power only

muenijudy: Alililiiiiiiiii harusi tunayo.

lovelymeeka254: Finally utaoa…congrats
Lets wait and see how all this unravels, maybe Maina Kageni atatuitia pilau.

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