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Ovaries Twerking! Fans say of Micheal B Jordan voted as hottest man alive


His legion of female fans aren’t shying away from sharing online pictures of the actor that they say demonstrate why he has been voted the sexiest man alive.

First it was Idris Elb in 2018, then John Legend in 2019 and now Black Panther star Michael B Jordan has been voted as 2020′ Peoples sexiest man alive.

The news got many of his female fans excited and sealing their stamp of approval with thirsty comments. They even went as far as sharing lust worthy pictures of him to prove their point.

So Google please don’t flag my website for these pictures. After all it’s a pandemic and we are celebrating him being the sexiest man alive. Pretty Please?!!

Michael B Jordan fine asf and nobody can convince me otherwise.
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Michael B Jordan could get it!!
(Did I say that out loud??? Welp…….)


every picture of Michael B Jordan makes my lungs momentarily stop working so yeah I think they got it People magazines hottest man alive.

Yes to black men and being the kings they are.
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Michael B. Jordan is the Sexiest Man Alive this year?! YES PLEASE. I APPROVE. Forever thirsting over this man. PHEW.

wait did they actually get one right


His body is dynamic then his face is so beautiful but it’s his self respect and integrity that’s so SE3Y

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