Outrage By Kenyans After Video Of Police Harrassing Actress Emerges

Police harassment has been on the increase. This played out after a video of police manhandling a lady identified as Nelly Kabobo emerged online.

According to eye witnesses, Kabobo (below) was traveling in one of the fancy Rongai matatus and unluckily the conductor of the matatu was arrested by the police.

On noting this Nelly alighted the matatu and headed towards the police vehicle where the tout was being held to ask for her change but this did not go well with the cop and that is when the tussle began.


In the widely circulated video, the courageous lady is seen struggling to free herself from the grasp of the rogue policewomen who at some point call up for backup.

Kenyan police are known to be violent and many Kenyans have experienced their rough side. Gakobo is an actress in a vernacular show“Ngahiha Cia Wendo”.

Local artiste AntoNeoSoul has come out to commend Nelly and asked her to stay strong after the traumatizing ordeal. Although there were people standing around, no one is brave enough to defend her.

But why are Kenyan cops such a pain?? Thank you Vanessa for being so brave to record this. Story is, the lady being manhandled demanded her change from a conductor who had been arrested by the same cops!! Nelly Kabobo Maina stay strong mummy!

Below are some of the reactions by Kenyans after watching the video.

Dee Kimata Ehn:Instead of dealing with criminals ,they try to show their might on innocent mwananchi than dealing with goons and criminals and gangs.Idiocy and gluttony is what guides our police force

Dolantoez Dougy:Treating mtu hivyo!!!!!!then wakikufikisha mbele wanaanza kukudanganyishia!!!!!!!! kama wengine nmeona hapa Moi Avenue ctawataja majina but wamezoea .Mimi ukinifanyahivo walai yangu na yako kwisha

Kim Kim Kimani:Am So Mad Fuck!!

Brian Lishega:They should tell her why ..thats the law .The are not above the law.










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