wanjiru and street boy

Outrage at picture of streetboy teargassed during Saba Saba march

A photo that was posted to social media Tuesday showing a woman hugging a homeless child who’d been caught in some tear gas has been shared more than 2,000 times.

The woman named Wanjiru Njira explains how he got caught up in the crossfire and what prompted her swift action.

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She explained through her social media handle @wanjirunjira that

This street child was badly teargassed yesterday and all I could do was give hold him in my arms.This are the people we fight for.The poor,the hungry, the dejected. The wretched of the earth.

A bystander posted a photo of the aftermath of the teargas moment and which continues to be shared widely.

In the photo you can see Wanjiru tightly hugging the crying child to comfort him

Reactions on social media under the photo of the child evoked strong emotions in Kenyans.

Even with cops in hot pursuit #SabaSabaAt30 heroine Juliet Wanjira Wanjiru

A hug for our brothers and sisters who are suffering in the hands of Police

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