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Outrage as woman’s assaulted in supermarket in Kajiado



A video of a woman attacked in broad daylight in a Supermarket in Kajiado has gone viral and upset many.

Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment a terrified woman tries to protect herself against a violent man as she sits behind a till.

The vicious attack has attracted the wrath of many Kenyans who have asked detectives to find and arrest the man.

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The woman scrambles as the man pulls her hair and repeatedly slaps her, as she attempts to protect her face from the blows.

From parts of the video we see another employee in the shot but who does nothing as the man continues to attack her.

Police say the man is a supervisor at the shop. KO T have reacted with anger.

The supermarket has written a statement on action taken

eastmatt reaction

This is very unacceptable, we should not allow such cowards to live within us.
What on earth did I just watch😠😠…that’s beyond assault that’s attempted murder. Shame on that primitive man!!!

Huyo attendant ako hapo nyuma mwanaume apewe bra🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ i hate weak men

And men were in that supermarket just watching. Very useless men. Wanaume wengine ni ndume suruali tuh! Just try to hit alady while am watching,tutapambana vilivyo. Hata kama utakuwa wewe ni boss yangu,heshima kando. Some men are just a disgrace to manhood.
What are the two useless people doing there just staring when a lady is being pounced on? We have a serious problem.

This is sickening. Why would that dude beat up the lady and her co workers just watch?
that’s assault.

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