OUR LOVE IS STILL STRONG! Bishop Allan Kiuna And Reverend Kathy Take Intimate Selfie To Show They Are Still In Love

Mum and Dad, are going strong. They are not breaking up anytime soon. Their flock at Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) can rest easy. Bishop Allan Kiuna and Reverend Kathy Kiuna are together if the latest social media post is to be believed. The two have lived a charmed life. It reads like a fairy tale.

They seem to have weathered the storm of a reported marriage drama instigated by infidelity and an alleged love child on the way.

Over the weekend, Bishop Allan Kiuna responded to “wicked enemies” and haters who want to bring him down.

Reverend Kathy Kiuna on the other hand also supported her hubby by showering him with praise saying, yeye ni mweupe kama pamba.

She wrote on social media, in part, “Honey you rock and I love you now more than before. Keep walking tall.”

Now, Kathy Kiuna has posted another telling social media message.

“Finally home with my boo after an extraordinary mission. God has been to good to us. To Him be the glory,” Kathy wrote.

The interesting thing is the selfie attached to the message. It looks intimate and it was taken when they are lying down together, in bedroom, maybe? The lighting is also dim. The selfie gives off a very personal and intimate vibe.

Allan and Kathy
In solidarity with ‘Mum and Dad’, the flock posted the following comments

Hawi Oria I believe this couple is soaring high up, with all these attacks, count yourselves chosen of God, Shetani anajitafutia kamba by speaking against you.
And this is just a warning to all speaking against this couple, it’s a terrible thing to fall on the wrath of God. What would you do as a father if someone keeps insulting your child.

Linah Shiku Minah Such a power couple always keeping it real sweet and strong despite the circumstances!! My all time role models.welcome back rev Kathy am so sure Bishop missed you so much while you were away in South Africa so is your church.

John Nyachwaya Wow! U look worn out, but look lovely couple. God bless you.

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