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‘Our Johny Bravo figure is our identity’ woman from Central brags (Audio)

According to a recent study, 50% of women from Central Kenya are overweight, while 30-40% of women from Nyanza are also over weight, hence many lifestyle diseases.

There are various reasons why people add weight and some of them include genetics, unhealthy lifestyle choices  etc.



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During the morning show on Classic 105, Maina Kageni gave his listeners a chance to contribute on the issue and here is what some had to say.

“I work for an international school (name withheld) within Nairobi and all they feed the kids is junk whether for breakfast or lunch, pizza, sausages, cheese you name it.

When I joined the school I was weighing 54 but it was not long before I added to 62, right now I am very mindful of what I eat, it’s not a wonder to find a grade 2 student already obese in this place.”

Another says

“Maina just leave women from Central alone, that Johnny Bravo figure is our identity and we are ok with it. Personally I cannot even go to a tailor to have a dress measured because I am  not proportional.

My waist is 40 and my hips 25, the tailor refused to make a dress for me saying that the dress would look bad and I would spoil business for her.

Even my mattress imeisha upande wa juu pekee yake.”


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She adds

“I do not know about potatoes, cabbage and rice, to other people this are considered carbohydrates but to us this is a balanced meal. Tumejikubali.”

Another caller adds

“This family planning methods make one add weight everywhere,  the hands,stomach, EVERYWHERE.”

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