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Our eating habits have caught the attention of Jamaican Jah Cure



Our love for all fried things is something that has puzzled Jamaican artiste Jah Cure.

The singer, who performed during Saturdays much anticipated Umoja Festival concert at Uhuru Gardens last night, has alot to say about our diet.

He spoke to Classic 105’s Mike Mondo about what he terms as adopting western culture.

Does he love Kenyan food?

yeah I’ve been eating Kenyan food, I come to Africa I eat anything I find, I’ve been here before I need to see African culture, I need to see African heritage.

I’ve been here and I need to tell you Kenyan people; Ease off them burger fries and fried food like Americans, it is not African like and I don’t wanna leave Jamaican and come to Africa and think I’m still in America you know what I mean?

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I need to see African culture I need to see African heritage coz if if we lost our culture we are just dead

I’m just begging these people please don’t lost Africa and the culture so we kinda just see everybody Americanize, eating fries and and you know that’s gonna destroy us. Everywhere I go its just a bunch of fries coming out.

Has he tried our nyama choma?

That’s too much meat he responded¬†

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