Our dream careers Vs now! Did you become what you always wanted to be

When you were growing up, what profession did you intend to pursue and has it worked out?

Most people don’t become what they dreamed of being as a kid

People online are reliving their childhood dream jobs and how their dreams changed as they grew up.

And from the hilarious discussion, people say their lives have taken a different path.

The confessions were prompted by a Twitter thread below from @AdesuaEtomiW who asked:

What profession did you think you were going to go into when you were younger and what profession are you in now?

Medicine and Surgery. Now sew and customise clothes after studying

Medical doctor, couldn’t pay admission so now a teacher.

Replying to
I thought I would be a footballer, now I’m into poultry

An Actor.. and a movie producer. But now am and Architect and a graphic designer..

Am still gonna make my ways into the industry by his grace

Neurologist. I just read interesting articles on the subject now.

Work in the elevator industry. That’s all I will say.workplace

A Footballer now a Sales Representative

A banker

Now a warehouse supervisor.


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