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OUCH! Vanessa Chettle Reveals How Her Baby Daddy Used And Dumped Her

Socialite Vanessa Chettle will not end her wild days anytime soon. In an interview with a local daily, the 22-year-old revealed that her family supports her.

In fact, in previous posts, she posts screenshots of the chats she has with her dad.

“I am a single parent and I need time for myself, so I decided to go out and celebrate as well as network. What’s wrong with that? As a new mum, I am doing the best I can to raise my daughter but I also need time to myself,” she said.

Finally! Socialite Vanessa Chettle Gives Birth To Bouncing Baby Girl

In the conversation, Vanessa also revealed that immediately her man realized she was pregnant, he distanced himself and they eventually broke up.

“I met him in Eldoret last year and after three months, I got pregnant. When I broke the news, he started behaving weird and we broke up. He has not helped me financially or emotionally. We have never talked,” she revealed the sad truth.

However, she noted that she is able to support herself and the baby. Vanessa is ready to forgive but will not take back the man who broke her heart. The best she can do is to allow him to bond with his baby and provide for her.

Have you ever been dumped in the worst way?

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