OUCH! Jilted Bride Covers Her Ksh 134,000 Wedding Dress In Paint Before BURNING It So She Can Finally Move On After Fiancé Fell Out Of Love With Her

A bride-to-be, who broke up with her fiancé a few months before their big day, threw a party to trash her £1,000 wedding dress – covering it with fluorescent paint, before setting it on fire.

Jen Brown, 27, from Hiram, Georgia, was heartbroken after fiancé Jared Sanders, 29, ended their two-year relationship, after falling out of love with her just before their wedding.

Instead of quietly licking her wounds, she wore the gown to its own farewell party – enjoying a paint fight with close pals and posing a Champagne toast to a new chapter in her life, before dramatically burning the fairy-tale frock in her garden – even though she still hasn’t finished paying for it.


Golf course waitress Jen said of the experience: ‘It felt really liberating. It was a good distraction for my broken heart and a chance to start a new chapter in my life, and put an old one to bed.’

Jared said: ‘Things got very difficult. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do to let go of the past.’


Lovebirds Jen and truck driver Jared got together in August 2014, after Jen looked at renting a room in his home in Temple, Georgia.

She said: ‘I never actually rented his room but I was pet-sitting for his dogs, so we eventually started hanging out.

‘We were having so much fun together at weekends, so I fell for him pretty quickly. We had only been together for three months when I told him I loved him.


‘As we were already living together, things just felt perfect.’

And, after just eight months of dating, romantic Jared proposed at a beauty spot in downtown Dallas.

‘He’d invited all my friends and family down. They were all hiding and when they came out to surprise me, I turned and saw Jared was down on one knee,’ Jen gushed.


‘He was really choked up and said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and of course I said yes.’

The pair quickly started making plans to tie the knot at a chapel in mountainous Gatlinburg, Tennessee, on October 22, 2016. Despite being all for the party, Jen admits she still cried when she donned the unworn gown.


‘It was really hard, but I had all my girls around me and I just wanted to have some fun,’ she admitted.

‘For two hours we threw paints at each other in Clinton Nature Preserve in Villa Rica, Georgia. The dress was completely ruined and I felt so free and powerful.’

Afterwards, the women cracked open bottles of Champagne and toasted Jen’s new beginnings and later she burnt the dress in her back garden.

Jen, who is now single, said: ‘It was a really great feeling. I am still paying off the wedding dress, I’ve got about $38 (£30) left and then I will finally be free.’


Check out more photos from the ‘party’ below.

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